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My Reiki Path and Experience

​Since a very early age I have had a great desire to help others find peace and comfort during difficult times. This has been a calling throughout my life that I have embraced and encouraged. 

I have worked in healthcare for more than 25 years; from orthodontics, to dermatology, to acupuncture, to an A.S. in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, to chiropractic. Although I learned a lot of valuable information and enjoyed making connections with the people I worked with, I always knew something was missing. And then, at an uncertain moment in my life, I was looking for clarity and found Reiki.

I fell in love with Reiki after my first session and decided at that moment that I would become a practitioner. I was 50 years old! I received my Reiki I Certification in 2017, Reiki II in 2018, and Reiki III in 2019. I have practiced regularly since the beginning and have continued to build my skill level over the past 6 years. I am still amazed by Reiki's ability to calm and heal!

I found the Soul Realignment program in 2020, while searching for information about the Akashic record.  I really liked the personal power this style of reading would offer and knew it would be valuable to my clients, and, to myself as a practitioner. It allows both of us to focus on specific energy centers/chakras as outlined in the reading. This reading provides a blueprint of transformational knowledge about yourself at Soul level. My clients love this reading! 

I went back to school in 2021 and received my massage therapy license in 2022. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have accrued over the years working and going to school in various fields of health and well-being. They have all served me well and have brought me here to serve you. 

I love what I do, and you will too!

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