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The Vision

Pensacola Healing Society, LLC is a vision for the future of health care. Our mission is to provide a self-healing alternative to modern medicine. Although, there are certainly times when pharmaceuticals and medical tests and treatments are necessary, our bodies are equipped with a process called homeostasis. This is our innate ability to self-regulate and maintain a constant internal environment.  Instead of relying on prescriptions to treat the symptoms of dis-ease, we want to focus on the whole person and their ability to self-heal. Reiki encourages the nervous system to relax into the parasympathetic response of "rest and digest". This calming process allows the body's immune function to be energized and optimized for natural healing. Our goal right now is to offer reiki therapy in the Pensacola community as a volunteer service. As with all valuable offerings, the word will spread, and people will know that they are equipped with their own powerful healing system.

We are currently offering reiki therapy at the Ronald McDonald House family room in the Sacred Heart Children's Hospital twice a month. If you are interested in offering this service at your organization, please reach out for details.

Reiki Therapy Community Outreach

Offering Reiki sessions in the Pensacola community for improved:




Emotional balance

Emotional Balance.PNG



Calms the nervous system

Decreases anxiety and stress

Promotes relaxation and digestion

Increases immune function

Paula Hernandez LMT, RMT



2385 Ursula Ln
Pensacola, FL 32526

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